Figurative language

Figurative language is speech or writing that departs from normal meaning or sound to create a special effect.


ALLITERATION ➡ is the repetition of a sound in a sentence or series of sentences.
Example: “Samantha Soared down the Street on her Sleek Skatebpard.”

HYPERBOLE ➡ is exaggeration.
Example: “The extra-point kick missed by a mile!”

An IDIOM ➡ is a phrase that means what it means, even if it doesn’t make sense,
Example: “You can’t teach an old new tricks.”

A METAPHOR ➡ suggest that two different things are the same thing.
Example: “Life is a curly slide, full of twists and turns.”

ONOMATOPEIA ➡ is a word that sounds like the noise or action it is describing.
Example: “The jet zoomed across the sky.”

PERSONIFICATION ➡ makes a non-human thing seem human.
Example: “The tree invited us to come and play.”

SIMILE ➡ uses “like” or “as” to make a comparison.
Example: “The ball streaked across the field like a meteor.”

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