Job vs Work

What is the difference between WORK and JOB?



Embora estas duas palavras sejam freqüentemente usadas para significar a mesma coisa, elas possuem conceitos diferentes.

Vejamos as diferenças:


➡ A JOB is a countable noun and generally refers to a specific role/position.

✓ “I’m not working at the moment but I’m applying for a lot of Jobs.”

✓ “Raquel is working in an optician’s now. She absolutely loves her job.”

? “I’ve found a work…” “I have a work.” (wrong!!! )


WORK is a verb and an uncountable noun and refers to activities/ effort.

“I love my job but I have a lot of work to do every day.”

“I really admire your work. You’re such a talented artist.”

“Since the crisis hit Greece it’s been hard to find work.”

➡ In another sense WORK can mean the place/company where your job is located.

“Where’s John?” – “He’s at work. He’ll be home later.”

“Is that the time? Oh no! I’m going to be late for work.”

“David, I’m at work so I can’t talk to you now. I’ll call you on my break, OK?”

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