Look, look, look !!!

Look, look, look – so many ways to use it!!
O verbo “LOOK” significa parecer, estar com jeito de…
Sempre seguido de um adjetivo ➡ “You look tired”
Mas quando temos uma preposição depois dele.


LOOK INTO ➡ to investigate ➡ Ex: The police promised to look in to the complaint.

LOOK UP ➡ to search for ➡ Ex: I’m going to look up other ways to say “Hello” in English

LOOK LIKE ➡ to resemble ➡Ex: They look like each other.

LOOK OUT FOR ➡ to know of something ans try to find it ➡ Ex: It was five last night so look out for ice on the road

LOOK OVER ➡ to examine ➡ Ex: He spent the weekend looking over the notes from his course.

LOOK AFTER ➡ to take care of ➡ Ex: You should sop smoking and look after your body.

LOOK FOR ➡ to search ➡ Ex: I’m looking for my Keys. Where are they?

LOOK UP TO ➡ to admire ➡ Lionel Messi is a rolemodel for other players to look up to.