May or Might?

Vocês saberiam como falar a frase que está em português em inglês?
A – “Are you coming to the party?”
B – “Sei lá, acho que não…”
➡ I MIGHT. (simples assim!)


May or Might?

May and Might can normally be interchanged without a significant difference in meaning, However, Might often implies a smaller chance of something happening (when expressing possibility).

– It MAY rain. (70% chance)
– It MYGHT rain. (40 %chance)
When expressing wishes or giving permision, only May is use.

➡ Possibility
“It MIGHT rain later so take an umbrella.”

➡ Give permission
“You MAY have another cookie if you like.”

➡ Ask for permission
“MAY I borrow your pen please?”

➡ Express wishes
“MAY the New Year bring you happiness.”

➡ Speculate about past actions.
“She is late. She MAY have missed her plane.”

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