Phrasal verbs with BREAK

Phrasal verbs with BREAK

phrasal verbs
BREAK AWAY ➡to run awa or escape from a person, situation or place.
Ex: The robber tried to BREAK AWAY from the policeman but he did not escape.

BREAK DOWN ➡when a discussion or relationship is no longer successful
Ex: The Peace talks BROKE DOWN and the ceasefire was called off.

BREAK IN ➡to enter a building illegally, usually with the intention to steal something
Ex: The thief BROKE IN last night while we were out at the cinema.

BREAK INTO ➡to unexpectedly or suddenly begin to do something
Ex: She BROKE INTO tears in the middle of the ceremony.

BREAK OFF ➡to end a relationship or engagement
Ex: She BROKE OFF the engagement when she found out he was cheating on her.

BREAK OUT ➡to escape
Ex: According to News reports, a dangerous prisioner has BROKEN OUT of jail in New York earlier today.

BREAK THROUGH ➡to achieve sucesso r make a Discovery, especially after having spent a long time trying.
Ex: After years of rejection, Hillary finally BROKE THROUGH and quickly became famous

BREAK UP ➡to break something into smaller pieces
Ex: If we BREAK the chocolate bars UP, everyone can have a piece.

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